Support for mastectomy patients

A very personal outreach that can make a difference right away. We provide information and supplies to aid recovery, and also provide a resource for surgeons and nurses to improve communication with patients about the challenges of major surgery.

Group of women showing support for breast cancer

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Consider making a monetary donation or an item from our wish list.

Offering Women

Practical guidance and essential supplies to aid in their recovery.

For Caregivers

Information to help navigate a loved one through pre-surgical turmoil and the challenges of homecoming.

Surgeons & Nurses

A valuable tool to help prepare patients for major surgery.


“Thank you so much for your caring gift bag. You thought of everything to the smallest detail! I lived in Fort Wayne in the early 90’s and even then I was so impressed with the ‘City of Churches.’…I was stunned when I found I had breast cancer; but God has embraced me with so much love and caring which far exceeds any pain I’ve had. I give thanks to God for your concern.”
Freemont, IN

“Thank you for the reassurance of the Necessities Bag. It helped reduce some of the stressors of going into surgery by feeling a little prepared, knowing what to expect. The little ‘comfort’ pillows are in use constantly since my surgery 5 days ago. I appreciate the water bottle, Lip Balm, Kleenex pack, Life Savers and emery board. The compact notebook has become a journal started 2 days after surgery. Thank you for this booklet and wonderful support!”

“The undershirts turned out to be the most used item along with the cushioned bandages. I was terrified going to the hospital before surgery. I had no idea what to bring with me nor did I know what to expect. The contents of the bag truly helped me and was much appreciated.”
Lynne, So. Milford, IN

“To the Dear Friends who sent me the necessities bag,

I received your necessities bag while I was in the hospital recovering from a mastectomy for stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. The next night Angel Hubby and I stayed in the Care House adjacent to the cancer center.

We opened the necessities bag and saw immediately how much I needed the undershirts and bandages. The comfort pillows were perfect for the long ride home. I am so thankful for everything you packed for me – the lifesavers, note cards, water bottle, Cottonelle fresh wipes. Kleenex, lip balms, emery board, and folder and pen, and of course the lovely carry bag.

As I handled and looked at everything my heart was so touched. I could tell that those who already knew my need packed the bag. Your act of generosity and kindness is something I will not forget.

My husband David and I are committed Christians, yet our human side has been so weak at times in the past many months of 5 chemo treatments and now my recent surgery. What would we do without the Lord Jesus and our Christian family in Christ?”

Matthew 5:7 “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.”